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"I love seeing
people in love.
Weddings give me
a sense of peace.

- Manai Ford

My Story

My life story reads like a classic, 80’s coming-of-age movie—you know, the one where the main character seems to have it all figured out, then somehow loses it all and must rise up from ashes. 

My first love in college was the camera and I always had dreams of pursuing a creative life, but being the son of two, hard-working, immigrant parents from the Caribbean, I felt my only option was to be realistic.  After school, until my 30’s, I was a hospital director in New York City, living a life of helping people from the sidelines.

One day, I lost my job. It was a pivotal moment, I didn’t know what to do but I knew I couldn’t go back to working in a hospital anymore.  I worked every odd job I could, short of wearing the Big Bird costume at Sesame Place, to buy myself time to figure out what was next for me.  

And then my future came into focus—photography is where my heart had always been and where always will be. Feeling liberated by newfound clarity,  I went back to college to find my old photography professor, Mr. Toedter .  He was the best teacher I ever had, and to my luck, he was still at the old college teaching the same course.  I enrolled in the photography program and the journey began.

Since then, I’ve tried every form of photography you can think of, from advertising to film to landscapes.  Only one form stuck for me though—weddings.


Weddings has everything wrapped-up into one beautiful day; drama, beauty, chaos, fashion, portraiture, and love. Maybe it’s a result of seeing my parents stick together for more than 47 years, but I love to see people in love.  Simply put, wedding photography, is a medium that gives me a sense of peace I’ve found nowhere else. 

It took me awhile to find my way, but now I get to do exactly what I love—and in the end, my parents eventually became my biggest fans.  Long story short nobody believes in you until you do.  

Nice to meet you!  I look forward to working with you to capture your special day.  

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